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Fragile: A Bradshaw Brother Novel Book 1

Fragile: A Bradshaw Brother Novel Book 1



I left my small town. I left everything to try something new. 

Seattle was a fresh start, a chance to move on, but nothing could have prepared me for him. 

A drop-dead gorgeous man, out of my league in about as many ways as he is rich. Our worlds collide in a way I couldn’t have seen coming but you know what they say about the other shoe dropping. 

My past was coming back for me, someone now threatens the future I was hoping to build with Jackson. 




Meeting her has changed me.

She makes me feel things I have never felt before. 

My whole life I have had to fight for everything I am and everything I have, Emma makes life seem so simple; that is until her tangled past returns with a vengeance. 

Now I have to fight for something I did not know I needed.

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