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Locked and Loved: A Romance Anthology

Locked and Loved: A Romance Anthology

Billie Parsons: Kiss of Tomorrow

When Paige’s vacation is interrupted by a ghost from her past feelings that she never let go starts to rise again.

Nicholas is looking to hide away while on leave. Instead the not so little girl from his hometown claims not only his home but his heart.

It’s been a long time since they walked away from each other. Five years to be exact. Now Nicholas and Paige get stuck in the storm full of forgotten feelings 


Rene Folsom: Zero: Cadence 


…that moment in time when everything suddenly changes. An unseen force of nature forever transforms your world, as if your life is spinning on an axis that centers around this one pivotal moment in time.

When the clock reaches zero.


Rachel Radner: Portal on the Edge of Forever

A prince who sticks to his own limiting beliefs. 

An Earthling woman who belongs to an extinct race.

The mystical portal which will forever change their fates. 

Océana never imagined being stuck aboard a ship with the Izarkian Prince Kodee. Ordinarily, Izarkians and humans don't come into such close contact. It's forbidden. But she's en route to handle the most important mission of her life--and the swoon-worthy prince might just be the death of her.

Upon arrival at the portal, the one that will reverse time and save her people, Océana's reality is thrown into a reverse orbit. Nothing goes as planned, and the two of them wind up trapped inside the portal.

Stuck together in between worlds, Océana and Prince Kodee come to terms with their differences--and face the prejudices they have of one another. As they're confined in a tight space, which they assume will also serve as their grave, they touch on the heaviest subjects. Society. Freedom. Revolution. Even... love.

While the rest of the universe carries on outside of the portal, Prince Kodee and Océana's hearts begin to open to one another. And Océana finally recognizes that in order to secure her future, she'll have to let go of the past she's clung on to for most of her life.


Charlie Jules: Caught in the Crossfire

Five years ago, these guys ruined me. They should have made sure I stayed down. Now I’m back and I’m not sure any of us are ready for the consequences of our actions.

Quarantine is nothing new in my world. Thanks to an experiment gone wrong, a deadly strain of bacteria now lives among us. The winds can change any minute of any day. When it happens, we have to be ready to shut our doors.

What definitely is new is unexpectedly ending up quarantined with four men, the same men who happen to be my former best friends.


Nick’s devastating blue eyes still rip my soul apart when they meet mine. Alex still feels like home when he looks at me, Connor is so handsome, but so cruel. And Jax? He’s the best, and the worst, of them all.

I haven't seen them since they turned their backs on my family, but we’re forced to join forces again; to expose the truth and uncover lies.

For old times sake.

For humanity's sake.

No creepy underground tunnels or secret labs will stop me from doing just that.


J.C. Smoak: You Make Me Sick 

A one-night stand.

Two lies.

Three years apart. 


In college, we were inseparable. He was my best friend, but I was secretly in love with him.

Our connection was so strong, I thought it would carry us beyond school all the way to our new careers in Europe.

The night before our flight, passion took our relationship to a new level. It was amazing, beautiful, earth shattering.

Then he disappeared.


In college, we were inseparable. She was my best friend, but I was secretly in love with her.

I never wanted to be away from her and it looked like I'd never have to be. New jobs in a new country but still the same old us.

I thought we'd taken a step that would finally take us out of the friend-zone and bring us together for good. That night was mind-blowing but, the next morning, I made a huge mistake. And the cost? Her.

She never spoke to me again.

Now, I have one shot to fix what I broke.

Because I won't live without her.

I can't.   

I'm hers. It's time she knew it.


Kayla Maya: Beauty and the Lycan

Beauty and the Lycan: In a disease ravaged world ruled by a new breed of vampire, Clementine has been caught and encaged in a never ending game of cat and mouse. 

Bound by her captors and thrown into a deadly prison home to a vicious Werewolf. Clementine has two options; befriend the wolf or get killed by the vampires. 

But, when her heart makes the decision for her, can she escape her fate?


Tina Gallagher: Rain Delay 

Rusty Russell thought Ivy Sherman was flaky and shallow. She thought he was an arrogant ass. When a hurricane confines them to a house they’d both expected to be empty, their opinions change and things heat up inside as the storm rages outside.


Denise Wells: Rock and (no) Roll 

no  blurb available 

Angie Jones: On the Lake in the Desert 

Jen and Nick have been treading water in their marriage for years. In a last-ditch effort to salvage the relationship, they plan a camping getaway to scenic Lake Powell hoping the sheer cliffs, deep water, and seclusion will bring them back to each other. Leaving their busy lives and cell phone reception at the marina, they embark on their adventure with the best of intentions. When the wild elements begin to highlight the cracks in their relationship, they finally agree to cut their trip, and their marriage short. Before they can give up on each other their situation turns from volatile to deadly. They have felt alone in their marriage before, but they have never known isolation or desperation like this. With only each other to rely on, Jen and Nick must put aside their differences just to survive. 


Anna-Marie Lopez: The Ties of Grief

Death tore them apart. A birthday party might just bring them back together. Savannah and Logan left things on nasty terms, and now, it's the two of them, all alone, in a vacation home for three days. 

Savannah was broken after Devon passed. Logan fled town, cutting all ties in her wake. When they get back together for Devon's sake, it takes no time at all for all the tension and unsaid words to rise to the surface. 

Is this finally the time for healing? Or, will the weekend end with Savannah and Logan leaving the other's life for good?


Sam Trathen: Even the Weeds Say Let Her Go 

Even the Weeds Say Let Her Go is about a young woman, hiding out with her man during a very personal war. Despite the love and care Boru gives her, Myre can't help but dream of someone else-- someone she has never even seen before. Does he dream of her too?



Nikki Lynn Archambault: The Water’s Edge




Humans and Merpeople used to live in peace and harmony together. Gradually and oh too subtlety things changed after the War. Groups were separated and started to attack each other. Homes were destroyed, families were eradicated, their world burned. 

When a young mermaid named Nimue sees an enslaved human man named Finn she feels compelled to buy him and show him what secrets coexist at The Water’s Edge. 


Tammy Goodwin: Accidental Future

Rachael knew her love of history and science would bring her fame, but she never imagined it would also bring her love! When Rachael saves Thomas the sparks fly as they fall in love and heal each other.

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